David Wilkinson on Faith And Science


Saturday, August 20
Lovers Lane United Methodist
9200 Inwood, Dallas

David Wilkinson is Professor and Principal of St John’s College at Durham University. He holds both a PhD in theoretical astrophyics and a PhD in systematic theology. He explains: “My current work involves the relationship of the Christian theology to contemporary culture, from science to pop culture.”

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SPECIAL THANKS to Peter Moore (SMU Christian Faculty Fellowship) and Steve Rankin (Chaplain of SMU) for bringing David Wilkinson to the North Texas area.

Yancey, Bias and the NYTimes

Yancey May

May 7
Today’s New York Times features an article by Nicholas Kristof on the bias against Christians in academia. He features George Yancey (NT,Sociology) prominently in the article.

Yancey built his reputation within sociology with his research on race, particularly within churches, but now researches and publishes about what he terms “Christianophobia.” One of his most recent books is Hostile Environment: Understanding and Responding to Anti-Christian Bias.

David Sabatini: Water for Life


David Sabatini is a distinguished professor of engineering at the University of Oklahoma. But he would rate that particular accolade as below of list of several others: Christ follower, husband, father and innovator of water projects.

Sabatini spoke both to the College of Engineering and to our Faculty-Administrator-Staff fellowship on February 23. His passion to provide clean water to emerging countries does not provide great financial rewards, he told the Fellowship, but it does allow him a way to live out his faith.

His recent article in Huffington Post explained that too often Western charity involves projects that aren’t sustainable. He wants to see lasting effects in the lives of others.

Praise & Worship – Friday Feb 5

Goolsby Chapel

Please join us for a praise and worship time at UNT’s Goolsby Chapel!
This nondenominational service is open to the entire UNT community. Alan Albarran (Media Arts, formerly RTVF) will be talking about lessons from his life both within and beyond the university.

Friday Feb 5
8:00 am – 8:50 am

“Without worship, we go about miserable.”
—- A. W. Tozer

Matteson receives Nilson Award

Sam Matteson, Professor Emeritus (physics) received the Nilson Award on November 16.

This is a national award given annually by Faculty Commons to one Christian faculty member at a public university who has demonstrated outstanding leadership.

Sam received his PhD from Baylor in 1976, and did postdoc work at Cal Tech. He worked at Texas Instruments as a research scientist until joining the UNT physics department in 1987.


He has the distinction of being the chairman of four different departments at UNT. He and his wife Carolyn have been married for 46 years and love spending time with their children and grandchildren in Tennessee and Colorado.